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Isotine Eye Drops Manufacturing United Kingdom and USA
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Isotine Eye Drops

  • Product Name : Isotine Eye Drops
  • Trade Name: Isotine
  • Packing : 10 ml
  • Pack Insert/Leaflet : Yes
  • Therapeutic use : Branded Medicines
  • Production Capacity : 1 million drop/month


Based on ayurvedic herbs and bhasmas, isotine eye drops relieves from eye stress, computer strain and also helps in the improvement of vision. Minor number can also be removed for far and near sighted issues.

Using Isotine eye tonic is quiet is simple. For best results; use 2 drops of Isotine in each eye 4 times daily. If you were in external atmosphere, please wash your eyes with fresh water before using isotine. Although there is no restriction in food, but we recommend less use of non-veg, alcohal and spices. If possible eat mamra giri badam (almonds), drink carrot juice daily. This will help in the improvement of vision. A progress chart is provided with the treatment. Keep filling it at recommended intervals. Don't forget to follow the directions of use.

How Isotine eye tonic works?


Isotine is an ayurvedic eye drops. It's safe and has no side-effects. You can use it as an eye tonic on daily basis. Using isotine will keep your eyes fresh, strain free and will also correct minor vision issues in eyes. When we say "Start getting results in 5 minutes" it means it starts working in 5 minutes, but this may not be clear to oneself until you take a medical advice or test after 5 minutes. You can use isotine for pro-longed period, this will also keep your eyes healthy and will prevent you from getting certain eye problems. If you want to know the progress, please get your eyes checked (before starting the isotine) with naked eye as with existing glasses, if used and thereafter new number of glasses. Patient are suggested to note how many lines of testing chart they can read (far and near) at monthly intervals. Vision start improving immediately and result appear in just five minutes. With the progress of treatment, patient will be able to read more lines of the chart and thus the number vision can be improved which will be stable and spectacle can also be removed. Since 1988, several thousand of patient have been benefited by isotine eye drops.