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Loan Licence

Ggolden Life Pharmaceuticals provides services for Loan License in Pharmaceutical & Healthcare sector.

You can use this service if:
  • You have a Manufacturing Facility & wish to produce formulations for other company for a fee.
  • or
  • You have ready market for a product but you don’t have a factory, so you get it manufactured at somebody else's factory.

Now a day, companies arerealizing that it does not make sense to do both - Manufacture as well as Marketing. To concentrate on only one area they opt for loan license service.

List of Licenses
  • Drug License in Form No.25
  • Drug License in Form No.28 ( Schedule C & C1)
  • Drug License in Form NO.32 ( Cosmetics)
  • Rectified spirit (Absolute Alcohol), base quota of 20,000 liters per month
  • Ayurveda license in Form 26 E-1 Rule 157-B