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Ggolden Life Pharmaceuticals is an equal opportunity employer and provides employment to people from diverse backgrounds. All individuals who believe that they can contribute to the organization’s goals are welcome to apply for a job with us11.

There are so many factors which contribute to our success as a global pharmaceutical Company. We not only count results but value performance. We trust in the people who work for us. We support and develop our personnel in maximizing their career development.

If you wish to be a part of our dynamic global team then please submit your resume in a word document by mail to

Working at Ggolden Life:

Ggolden Life Pharmaceuticals, a workplace where you are recognized for great work and are always made to feel part of great team. We believe that team members are the most valuable assets of the organization and offer the most conducive work environment for individual growth, professionalism and performance are expected and rewarded. We look out for qualified, enthusiastic, dedicated and motivated professionals and provide them with opportunities for both personal and professional growth; our corporate philosophy nurtures individual talent and motivates them to perform qualitatively.

Work Environment:

Here at Ggolden Life, we offer an environment where growth is based on the ability to contribute, perform and achieve – focus is to bring out your best strengths. A career at Ggolden Life Pharmaceuticals means an opportunity for ample learning & growth. The company offers healthy working environment, professional management and exceptional rewards. We encourage people to set their own goals in order to achieve excellence. Within our common purpose, we encourage people to embrace their individuality and grow.

Grow with Us:

To us, our people are the key drivers of our success. Our commitment to training and development is a core value. We focus on continuous training and development of employees for continuous enhancement of knowledge, skills and capabilities. As we grow, so do our people, developing new capabilities for mutual growth.